Passport Etiquette

While coffee shops love the passport program and meeting new people, it’s important to make sure that baristas and coffee shop owners have as great of an experience as they want you to have.

Here are a few tips on using your passport.

  1. Show love and always tip your barista!
  2. If you’re a solo visitor, and you have more than one passport, avoid using multiple passports for drinks at one location.
  3. If you can, try a muffin, pastry, or sandwich to go with your coffee.
  4. If you’re a social media person, tag the coffee shop during your adventures. It helps to spread the word about all of the great coffee shops you’re visiting!
  5. Be patient. Sometimes new baristas haven’t used the passport before, and it may take a few extra minutes to process your order.
  6. Keep being patient! Every coffee shop has different staffing challenges, procedures, and operations. Wait times for your drink may vary, but being nice is the best recipe for an overall pleasant experience.